List of all Animated Disney movies

Disney cartoons are a constellation of small masterpieces. From the film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” created by the founder himself to modern cartoons such as “Zootopia” or “Frozen” – each of them deserves the attention and love of the audience. Disney cartoons are distinguished by impressive graphics, special attention to the musical component and the elaboration of characters.

We are glad to present you TOP of all Animated Disney movies ever made.

Disney cartoons have 26 “Oscars,” 5 prizes at the Venice Film Festival and 5 “Golden Globes”, not to mention less significant awards.

All Animated Disney movies ranked based on the release date of the cartoon film.

If you want to spend a wonderful evening in the company of funny characters or just to please your kids, Disney cartoons are the best choice! Sit back, the magic will begin right now!

All Animated Disney movies in order:

  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

The plot of the film: Princess has a stepmother. She considers herself to be the most irresistible and beautiful woman in the world and was very angry when she learned that her young stepdaughter was more beautiful than her. She gave the order to the forester to leave the girl in the woods.

Snow White and animals

  1. Pinocchio (1940)

The blue fairy revived the doll-puppet, but in order to become a real man, the hero must demonstrate his courage and honesty. And the long-nosed fidget goes on the most incredible adventure.

  1. Dumbo (1941)

It is the story of a small elephant from the circus, born with very large ears, which was considered a disgraceful phenomenon among circus elephants. But he learned to fly.

  1. Bambi (1942)

It is the story of a Bambi which has to confront the cruelest creature – human!

  1. Fun and Fancy Free (1947)

Bear Bongo goes into the forest. Life in there is not so great, but a bold kid finds the most important thing – true love.

  1. Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella is a poor orphan, whom the wicked stepmother and her naughty daughters force hard to work from morning till night.


  1. Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Magic adventures of Alice are in Disney movie list Animated.

Escaping from the house, Alice saw awhite rabbit, dressed in a jacket. Taking out his watch from his pocket, the rabbit hastily disappeared in a suspiciously dark hole. Alice stepped after him … and got into a new world full of magic and fun.

  1. Peter Pan (1953)

Once in search of his own shadow, Peter gets to London in our world and becomes a friend of little Wendy and her brothers Michael and John, and, of course, he takes his friends with him to Neverland, facing a great adventure.

  1. Lady and the Tramp (1955)

It is a touching and fascinating story of the love of two completely different dogs – thoroughbred family dog and a common mongrel.

  1. Sleeping Beauty (1959)

A long time ago in a distant land, the king and the queen lived. When they had a long-awaited daughter Aurora, a great holiday was organized in the kingdom, so that everyone could greet the baby. But they forgot about the evil sorceress Maleficent. Offended, she imposed a curse on the princess.

  1. One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)

A touching and incredibly intriguing story of finding and rescuing puppies of Dalmatian Great Danes who were abducted from their owners by order of an evil lady.


  1. The Sword in the Stone (1963)

Everyone will be able to appreciate the incredible history of the unusual reincarnations of the protagonist, his difficult path – from a simple, unobtrusive “nothing” to the majestic Arthur bravely overcoming various obstacles in his brilliant ascension to the throne. A difficult adventure of a brave young man was accompanied by one of the powerful and wise magicians – Merlin, by giving his patronage, help, and support. In this animated film, he is represented by a very good-natured, slightly awkward and scattered old man.

  1. The Jungle Book (1967)

Raised by wolves, the human cub Mowgli, by the decision of the pack, must return to the people, in order not to fall into the paws of the tiger-cannibal Shere Khan.

  1. The Aristocats (1970)

In the aristocratic house in Paris lives a mother cat with three kittens. The hostess loves them madly and wants to leave all her money this charming animal. But the evil butler wants to get this money.

  1. Robin Hood (1973)

Honest Thieve is in the list of all Animated Disney movies.

Funny fox named Robin Hood is against inequality.

  1. The Rescuers (1977)

A rescue team of two brave mice goes in search of a missing orphan named Penny.


  1. The Fox and the Hound (1981)

It is the story of Fox Todd and hound Copper. Kids were very friendly, but when they grew up, Cooper became a hunter and the fox, unfortunately, the object of hunting.

  1. The Black Cauldron (1985)

The main character is Taran, a pig farmer boy, dreaming of becoming a great warrior and protector of his native village. His antagonist is an evil and powerful tyrant, determined to take possession of the Black Cauldron and with the help of it to resurrect the undead army and conquer the world.

  1. The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Olivia seeks help from Basil from Baker Street. She asks to find the disappeared father. Basil, his friend and associate Dr. Dawson, as well as Toby the dog, take up the investigation.

  1. Oliver & Company (1988)

It is the middle of the list of all Animated Disney Movies for all time.

It is painted, colored, a full-length cartoon about a kitten Oliver, whom no one bought. He remains alone in the terrible streets of New York.

  1. The Little Mermaid (1989)

It is the story of a mermaid named Ariel, the daughter of Triton, falls in love with the prince. But they cannot be together because he is an earthly man.

The Little Mermaid

  1. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

In an enchanted castle, hidden in a dark forest, lives a terrible Beast. Restore his human form, removing the spell, can only a beautiful girl who will love him as he is.

  1. Aladdin (1992)

In the glorious city of Agrabah lives Aladdin, a cheerful thief with a heart of gold. He lives and does not know that soon he will have the greatest adventure in life.

  1. The Lion King (1994)

Simba – The Lion King is in Disney Animated movies list.

Lion Mufasa – the king of his tribe had a small son Simba, who became the only heir to the throne. This news is not very much like his uncle Scar, who planned to become king after Mufasa resign. He tries all ways to get rid of the little Simba, and one day he succeeds. But after he was expelled from his tribe, Simba managed to find true and loyal friends who helped the little lion cub to cope with many difficulties in his way and even find a beloved one. Growing up, he became more wise, strong, purposeful, and at one point he decided to regain his throne, which rightfully belonged to him…

The Lion King with his family

  1. Pocahontas (1995)

From Europe, the ship with our hero John Smith is sent to the New World. The crew, as the captain explains, is swimming towards adventure, success, wealth. But the captain himself is determined to find gold. And the Indians live in America, and the story goes about the noble princess Pocahontas.

  1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Young gypsy Esmeralda makes a living by dancing. She has friends, but detractors are so powerful that Esmeralda ends up in prison.

  1. Hercules (1997)

Hades is the ruler of the next world. Many years ago, he was actually exiled by his older brother Zeus to the depths of Hell and now intends to catch up, having gathered an army of monsters and capturing Olympus. The only one who can prevent Hades – the son of Zeus.

  1. Mulan (1998)

There are hard times for the great people:  dressed in menswear, Mulan joins other warriors and sets out on a dangerous march to the mountains.


  1. Tarzan (1999)

The hard life of a boy who was lost in the forest is in the list of Animated Disney movies.

Tarzan grew up among gorillas, in mysterious jungles, where there was no human. The hostile kingdom of wild animals for a long time did not want to recognize the fragile boy. Soon, in front of everyone, a weak child turned into a brave youth and became faster than a panther, stronger than a tiger, sharper than an eagle. But when Tarzan becomes the real king of the jungle, an unexpected meeting takes place, which completely changes his life…

  1. Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Lilo is a little girl who lives in Hawaii. She is an orphan and lives with her older sister Nani. Lilo loves all animals, but most of all she made friends with a dog named Stich, who is not really a dog at all, but a disguised alien.

  1. Treasure Planet (2002)

16-year-old Jim Hawkins goes in search of a mysterious Treasure Planet in the company of real space pirates.

Boy on flying ship

  1. Chicken Little (2005)

It is the story of a little chicken that will have to save the planet from evil.

  1. Bolt (2008)

The dog named Bolt is the protagonist of the television series, in which he plays the role of a superhero. He has everything: fame, a huge number of fans, a beloved hostess who simply adores him. However, he also has a very big problem – he thinks he actually has superpowers. All his life Bolt lived at the film studio, but at one point he finds himself in the real world. Gradually, he begins to realize that in fact, he does not have any superpowers, which is very frustrating for him. However, soon his beloved mistress is in trouble, and Bolt realizes that only he can save her. But can the ordinary dog cope with such a difficult task, which only a real superhero can do?

  1. The Princess and the Frog (2009)

The plot of the cartoon is a classic story of Disney, but with a small correction. The prince and the princess exchanged places, now the waitress, disguised as a princess, kisses the prince a frog. You will see a very beautiful and amazing love story and find out whether a frog can turn into a real prince and a waitress – into a princess… The magic of Voodoo, the miracles, the singing alligator look very touching and gorgeous. It remains only to plunge into the kindest world, where magic, childhood, and many incredible adventures reign…

The Princess and the Frog

  1. Tangled (2010)

The girl with 21 meters of magical golden hair is in the list of all Disney Animated movies.

Once, many years ago, a royal daughter was stolen from her cradle. All this time her parents could not find her, and even for a moment, they did not lose hope that someday their beloved daughter would still be found. And not for nothing, because in fact, Rapunzel is alive. All these years she lives in prison in the tower, where she is visited only by a witch who kidnapped the girl and now calls herself her mother. Rapunzel is a very beautiful girl, however, she has something that radically differs from others – these are luxurious and very long hair.

One day, a robber named Flynn has climbed the tower where the princess lives. He committed the theft and now tries to hide here from the persecution. Here all the fun begins…

  1. Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

This cartoon is about life inside a computer game. There are two heroes: the main one is Felix, and the second Ralph, who is always in the role of villain and is in the shadow of the protagonist. It’s been like this for thirty years. But one day Ralph gets bored and he does not want to be bad anymore. He goes on a tour of the games to show everyone that he can be good too.

  1. Frozen (2013)

Actions of the fascinating adventure cartoon unfold in the kingdom of Ehrendell. The local king and queen bring up two beautiful daughters. Here is a trouble, the eldest of them has magical power and is able to create everything that relates to ice and snow.

  1. Zootopia (2016)

The main heroes (bunny and fox) are victims of a terrible plot, so they are forced to join forces. They will try to expose the enemies, and also to understand that sometimes appearance is deceptive.

  1. Moana (2016)

A young princess will have to fight against the evil.

Here the list of all Animated Disney movies in order is coming to an end.

Thank you for being with us!

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