List of best Mystery movies 2017

Mysterious disappearances, mysterious messages, strange signs, soundless steps and quiet rustles – all these are indispensable components of mystical films. And if you adore stories that are kept in suspense and make you tremble in anticipation of the denouement, which should place everything in its place, then our TOP 15 best Mystery movies of 2017 to watch is created especially for you.

The most unpredictable, the most mysterious and just chilling soul stories are waiting for you. Films where there is no line between the real and the unreal, where the paranormal phenomena are in the norm of things and the appearance on the screen of pentagrams and creatures of a different world is quite expected. If you are looking for a movie that will make you truly believe in the existence of otherworldly forces, you’ve come to the right place.

List of best Mystery movies 2017

  1. Personal Shopper

In the center of the film’s plot is a young American named Maureen, who moved to Paris and earns living in an unusual way. Possessing an exquisite sense of style, she helps her wealthy clients to select the necessary clothes, as well as jewelry, hats, handbags and other accessories. The fact is that Maureen recently lost her twin brother. Even as a child, they agreed: if one of them dies, then he will certainly contact a relative from the afterlife.

  1. Abandoned Dead

Rachel Berg suffers from a congenital fear of darkness. Because of her phobia, she hurries home as soon as the street begins to darken. What is remarkable, while the heroine of the film works as a night guard, which looks rather strange because she has to constantly challenge herself. The story begins with the fact that Rachel gets a new appointment from her boss, who did not find another guard for this night. The girl will go to the clinic for the treatment of drug addicts, located on the outskirts of the city. For the heroine, this will be a serious test, but she cannot refuse the boss.

Abandoned Dead


  1. The Institute

The 13th place of TOP 15 best modern Mystery films 2017 is occupied by Isabel Porter – a young girl who lost her beloved parents. Having suffered a lot of loneliness, the girl decides to change something in her life. So she is at the Rosewood Institute. Having gone there as a volunteer, Isabelle Porter did not even suspect what horrors awaited her. Modification of personality, complete brainwashing, control of human consciousness, experiments that in fact have nothing to do with science. Soon the girl becomes a question – do I need to stay here, after all, that I saw? Having made the decision, Isabel Porter will not be able to live otherwise.

  1. Ghosts of Darkness

Two researchers were locked in God’s forgotten place. For over a hundred years no one can reveal a terrible secret. Perhaps, the main characters of the picture will be able to unravel the mystery. Only, to begin with, they need to find a common language, but they do it very rarely. Each of them is accustomed to acting according to their principles. The house where they will be staying for three nights is not quite ordinary. What will the protagonists soon face? Will they be able to do something in this case?

  1. VooDoo

Young girl Dani goes to rest from a bored order of work in Los Angeles. This trip to the heroine is also necessary in order to avoid scandals and further clarify the relationship with the wife of the former lover. Soon she begins to understand that past life is on her heels and forgetting it is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

  1. Clinical

This dramatic film will tell you about the personal history of a psychiatrist named Jane Mathis. After a serious life tragedy passes several years, after which Jane returns to such a beloved work. The girl has already experienced a lot in her life, but now she is clearly aware that she is obliged to help other people, but every day it becomes more difficult to communicate with patients.

  1. Mummy

During the military operation unfolding in the Middle East, the commander of the special platoon Nick Morton accidentally finds himself in the middle of a mysterious bunker, inside which he finds an ancient sarcophagus. Later, the doctor of historical sciences in the person of Jenny Halsey will conclude that this tomb belonged to the Assyrian queen, whose mummy will be redirected to the London research center. However, during transportation, the plane crashes, leaving only Nick and the mummy of the ancient queen alive.


  1. The Snare

The main characters are Walter and Claire. The couple has been together for a long time. It seemed that they were all just wonderful. Their friends often envied them. They are both successful and know what to achieve. But this is only at first glance so. In fact, a man has long wanted to leave his wife. Moreover, he had already found another one.

  1. Don’t Kill It

The events of a dynamic film evolve around an ancient demon, instantly capturing the body of a person who killed his past “carrier”. The new victim immediately flares up with the desire to destroy everyone he meets on his way. Learning that the demon appeared in a provincial town, the main hero of the horror goes there, wanting to deal with the aggressive essence.

  1. Eloise

Once a young man inherits a considerable fortune. However, getting the millions will not be so easy. For this, the guy needs to find a document confirming the fact of the death of his father, which is located in the psychiatric hospital.


  1. Rings

A loving couple Julia and Holt enjoy the life together away from their parents. Holt was very interested in studying the videotape – killer: all people after watching this tape died under strange circumstances, having experienced great torment. It is also one of the movies of the TOP 15 best recent Mystery movies because it was released in February.

Julia became interested in it, and she decides to watch it and after a second a strange phone call was heard in the room.

  1. Bornless Ones

The main heroine is a girl named Emily, who lives with her brother Zach, who has cerebral palsy. To make life even easier, the girl decides that you need to move to the edge of the city, where there is a small house in the forest. Together with a guy and a brother, they go there, and in the open air, he can develop physically. Arriving at the place, the main characters understand that the house in the forest conceals behind itself secrets, which will be shocked by all.

  1. Brimstone

In the life of Liz, the protagonist of the film happened different things. She is quite an active girl who tries to learn the world more. But Liz cannot forget her dark past, and in every possible way tries to escape from it. In addition, she has problems with getting to know the devil preacher who begins to persecute her, wherever she is.

  1. Get Out

The main hero has been dating a girl for several months already, which he very much loved. A girl of a different race than a guy, but this does not stop them at all. Finally, the girl decided to introduce him to her relatives and asked to come to the guy in their ancestral estate. He agrees to visit a new place but suddenly realizes that he is trapped.

  1. My Cousin Rachel

The insidious girl Rachel killed her guardian to get all the money by inheritance. Philip, another main character, will know about it and want to get to the bottom of the truth. In addition, he already has his revenge plan, but very soon Philip will understand that he fell in love with a girl. But Rachel does not want to take Philip’s courtship. A fascinating story can have several versions of endings, but the author chose one that will prove to be very interesting for many people.

This concludes the TOP 15 best new Mystery movies 2017. We hope you liked it.

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