List of Hollywood Gangster movies 2018

Gangster genre in films is one of the most popular. If you remember all the films about gangsters in 2018, you get a very large list, so we selected, in our opinion, TOP 10 best Hollywood Gangster movies of 2018 to watch.

Here we go!

List of best Hollywood Gangster movies in 2018

  1. White Boy Rick

The protagonist of the film is Richard Wershe, Jr. In 1980, at the age of 17, he was able to become the largest drug dealer in the Detroit ghetto for African Americans. In addition to drug trafficking, Rick was also a police informant, which, however, did not save him: in 1987, he was picked up with 8 kg of heroin, which led to a life sentence.

  1. The Happytime Murders

The action takes place in the criminal world of Los Angeles. Here people live together with dolls that are considered as second-class citizens. Private doll detective Phil, dismissed from the police and leading an immoral lifestyle, follows the trail of a serial killer who killed his brother, and now one by one to destroy the actors of the popular television show of the 1980s. When the next man on the list turns out to be the ex-girlfriend of Phil – Jenny, he turns to his ex-partner, Detective Edwards.

  1. Scarface

The Great gangster Tony is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Gangster films 2018.

Tony Montana is a Cuban who, in search of a better life, immigrated to Miami. In the past, Tony and his best friend, Manolo, were convicted, so the meeting with the immigration officers was not the best one. Having learned that they can obtain a residence permit in exchange for a murder, Tony commits this crime, and they with Manolo get an opportunity to live and work freely in the USA.

The problem is that low-paid work in a small cafe, which he and Manolo hot, very quickly annoys Tony, and when he is given a chance to earn again illegally, Tony agrees. The drug dealer, who acted as an intermediary in the previous crime, hires them for a new job. Over time, Tony does not only show himself as a dangerous person but also becomes one of the biggest agents of criminal business and gets a dangerous reputation.

  1. Ride Along 3

It may seem that Ben is a real lucky guy: he has a job that suits him, in his spare time he constantly engages in his favorite hobby. Also, the man has a young, intelligent and very beautiful girl named Angela. What else can an ordinary guy dream about? However, in fact, nothing is as simple as it seems, because he has to share Angela with another person, namely, with her brother James. He is the source of all Ben’s troubles. James is a police officer, investigating very dangerous things. Therefore, he does not like sister’s boyfriend.

A still from Ride Along 3

  1. The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2 is a continuation of the adventures of the former commando. He, like in the last part, will continue his fight for justice and will bring hope to someone’s life. He will be able to protect his beloved Russian girl from all the criminal violations that disturbed her in the previous film. This time, a man whose name is hidden threatens him. Whoever succeeds to reveal the secret of his personality is killed most brutally…

  1. Painkiller Jane

It is the middle of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Gangster movies 2018.

A film is a story about the events that occurred during the testing of chemical weapons. The military operation was classified as top secret. The explosion took the lives of all soldiers from the military unit. Only the girl-fighter remained alive. The impact of chemicals on her turned out to be quite specific. The skin has the ability to regenerate and no matter what the damage is caused. Command now considers the heroine as a separate element of the whole study.

  1. Den of Thieves

The movie unfolds around Big Nick, the influential and experienced chief of one of Los Angeles’ most elite divisions. Every day he and his boys go out on the streets in order to protect the law and punish those who are ready to violate it. Nick regularly proves that his team is much stronger than those they hunt.

However, even such courageous guys may have rivals. Suddenly, Big Nick learns that a famous and elusive criminal known for his loud robberies is planning a new deal. His plan is so daring that even Nick is shocked. The thing is that the criminal wants to rob the US Federal Reserve Bank. Not wanting to be outside, Nick declares war on him. He is going to catch the criminal. The situation is complicated by the fact that not only police officers want to catch the criminal, but also influential gangster organizations. Despite strong pressure, the thief is going to finish what he started.

  1. Ocean’s Eight

The girls’ adventures in criminal world are in the TOP 10 new holly Gangster movies.

Debbie is happy when she is being early released. A brave woman learns the main lessons is not going to repeat bitter mistakes. The swindler quit small businesses and dubious partners. An organizer of robberies needs a great and an unmistakable plan. The criminal asks a reliable companion to pick up eight girls for a worthy operation. The woman gathers a new elite group of like-minded people.

  1. Bad Boys for Life

As you know, Marcus and Michael aren’t exactly the best role models, suddenly there is a desire to join the ranks of policemen. These two detectives serve in the drug control unit. However, every drug lord in Los Angeles is afraid that this couple will find him one day. The guys’ actions are hard to predict, they constantly violate the plan of villains, but, unfortunately, break down warehouses or blow up berths. Even their boss cannot comment anything.

Apart from the service, it should be noted that Mark has a family, wife, and children, but Michael – the exact opposite of a partner.

  1. Irishman

The film is based on a book by American lawyer Charles Brandt. He defended a killer named Frank aka “Irishman” in court. Brandt wrote a book based on 25 hours of audio recordings in which the legendary killer confessed his guilt to all his sins. After all, a lawyer is not a priest, the seal of confession does not apply to him.

A list of Hollywood Gangster movies 2018 ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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