List of Hollywood Zombie movies 2018

For all fans of horror, we want to present TOP 10 best Hollywood Zombie movies of 2018 to watch. As everyone knows, zombies are evil corpses who are looking for a sacrifice. These pictures are devoted to the survival of people who are trying to survive in non-standard situations.

If you ready we begin.

List of best Hollywood Zombie movies in 2018

  1. Cadaver

The main heroine of the new American detective is a young woman Megan. The police service was very difficult for her. The girl had to constantly get into some not very good situations. She needs to be ready at any time. Constantly there are some crimes, people are dying, buildings are exploding and much more. Megan cannot relax from her professional duties – it makes her become drug addicted. As a result, she loses her job undergoes a rehab. When she becomes “pure,” she finds a job as a watchman at the cemetery. Here all the action begins.

  1. Dragon Gate Zombie Inn

Young guys wanted to travel around their country and when they got to a very secluded area, they immediately heard from people terrible legends about these lands. The essence of the legends was that in this quiet place is a hotel in which bloodthirsty zombies work. During the day they behave like ordinary people, but at night they begin to show their true nature. However, the guys do not believe in this, so they boldly go to the hotel also getting acquainted with the local diner. However, the heroes of the picture should be trusted to the legends, because they are waiting for deadly trials.

  1. Texas Zombie Wars: Dallas

Zombies in Wild West are in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Zombie films 2018.

How many films have been made about zombies, this topic is very popular. A lot of horrors and comedies, in which the actions took place in the Middle Ages and nowadays, but this is something new. In the best Western style, the Zombie film in the Wild West tells of the struggle of the inhabitants of a small town with horrible monsters. Two losers will fight against incomprehensible creatures – a cowboy and a soldier. They are main heroes.

Melissa Mars as Dr Corsini in Texas Zombie Wars w/ Danielle Wheeler, Jim Erwin, Tea McKay

  1. World War Z 2

The world is fighting against an unknown virus, trying to thoroughly study it and invent a vaccine that would have saved already infected and prevented the emergence of new zombies. The protagonist Gerald Lane, too, does not stop fighting, his main task will be to save as many people as possible from infection, which occurs almost instantaneously – 11 seconds after the bite. Lane is moving to opt for the study of the virus, searching for all the things that could become a clue in the fight against it.

Brad Pitt in World War Z

  1. Marilyn: Zombie Hunter

The film will tell some facts from the life of the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Here you will learn the details of her secret life. During the day she is a famous person and at night she begins to hunt for an army of zombies. Will she be able to cope with such a terrible inhuman power of zombies? The topic of zombies is very popular nowadays, so there is no choice for filmmakers how to put them in all films. This will be a dynamic movie, there will be fantastic fights and chases.

Marilyn: Zombie Hunter promo

  1. Cargo

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Zombie movies 2018.

Post-apocalyptic thriller is about the head of the family Andy, who lost his wife in a zombie attack, and got himself infected. He has two days to find a guardian for his one-year-old daughter before he replenishes the army of distraught monsters. The only islet of security is a closed Aboriginal tribe, but first Andy will have to win the trust of the local girl.

  1. Zombies

Every year the industry of movies and games is replenished with new films or games on the subject of zombies. Movies and games about zombies have become a part of modern culture. Zombies are the most popular mystical heroes of mass culture along with vampires and werewolves. The phenomenon of zombies is not the main core of Voodooism, but the people of Western culture are most concerned with the metamorphosis that occurs with the dead. The next movie will tell about the student that lives in a town where zombies live.

  1. The Forest Of Hands And Teeth

Carrie Ryan’s novel is in the TOP 10 new holly Zombie movies.

The movie is based on the eponymous novel by writer Carrie Ryan, events take place in the near future, in which most of the human race is threatened by a terrible virus.

The infected wander around the planet and devour the living. Mary, together with a group of people, decides to explore the world that is outside the village of the survivors.

The group under the leadership of Mary must pass through the “forest of hands and teeth,” the survival of the human race depends on the success of their mission.

Maisie Williams in The Forest of Hands and Teeth

  1. An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)

It is a comedy movie about young guy named Ted. He became a zombie recently and do not know what to do. How to tell everyone that he now became such a creature? He must hide his true nature and be very careful in order to leave peacefully in the town because if people will know about his little secret they will try to kill him.

An Accidental Zombie poster

  1. Sky Sharks

Events develop at the Arctic exploration station. Geologists did their research, conducted experiments, collected unique exhibits. The expedition was coming to an end and the team was waiting impatiently for a new shift to return home to their relatives. By chance they find a cave, with some strange equipment. The study of the contents showed that everything has been kept since the Second World War, the period of the Third Reich.

The fascists invented sky sharks that would destroy everything in their path and help them conquer the whole world. The Germans did not manage to apply their invention in practice, as they lost in the war. But the invasion of geologists awakened these sinister creatures.

A list of Hollywood Zombie movies 2018 draws to a close.

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