Friday the 13th official release date

This is one of those epic and iconic horror series that have been around for ages and are still as gripping, thrilling and fun as all those years ago. Ok, so, when is Friday the 13th movie release date 2017 — is it set for an autumn release? It was a while ago, and the geeks were already marking that special day on the calendar, but, unfortunately, it was all in vein. Now, it’s sad to say this, but recently, Paramount, the folks behind the long-awaited reincarnation of the franchise, announced that they are shutting the project down.

The recent Rings movie turned out to be a disaster in terms of grossing and they’re kinda worried that the same fate will follow the new Jason story. How come legendary series are failing, huh? Well, maybe people are tired of the same-old stupid scenarios and it’s time for something fresh and exciting? At the same time, if you take a look at the brand-new Friday the 13th video game, you’ll see that it managed to break a couple of records and is today one of the most popular games on any platform. It’s not even that great, but, for some reason, the international players find it quite amusing. This is a mystery!

Friday the 13th

Will Jason Ever Be Back

Don’t even waste any time searching for the Friday the 13th DVD release date, because it won’t be released physically or even online. We say it again: the movie is gone, and only a miracle will bring it back. The team behind the frozen sequel (or, rather, the reboot) claims that they’ve got a pretty awesome script that could, finally, shed some light on Jason himself and take us back to the day he turned into a monster. It’s a pity we won’t ever get to see that, right? Could somebody pick it up where Paramount left after the video game’s success? We certainly do hope so!

But, in all fairness, a project that was shut down is rarely if ever reincarnated by a different crew. Today, with the film industry being tougher and rougher than ever before (one failure can ruin entire careers), even iconic series risk being forever forgotten and dumped. Initially, the sequel to the 2009 movie was supposed to be released a year later, in 2010, but, even after it went through countless challenges, we’re still short of a new film.

Troubling Times For Legendary Franchises

So, as mentioned above, there is no Friday the 13th official release date in 2017 simply because the movie is dead and gone. Companies are going for lower risks and potentially higher rewards, and that is exactly why we won’t get to see Jason on the big screens this year. Want some good news? Here goes: even though we won’t have a Friday the 13th movie on October 13th as promised, another horror/thriller will take its place: Mother! is a new nail-biter starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, along with other superstars.

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