Inversion official release date

Science fiction has always been popular with the movie fans because this is one of the most dramatic, thrilling, action-packed and thought-provoking genres out there. And, judging by the 2018 premieres, it looks like next year is going to be especially “fruitful”. So, when is Inversion movie release date 2018? It’s coming, ladies and gentlemen, that’s for sure.

The exact day is not set yet, but rumors claim it will hit the theaters early summer (that’s like the golden time for any big-time blockbuster). It’s officially confirmed that the legendary Samuel L. Jackson will star in this upcoming banger along with Yifei Liu, one of the finest modern-day Chinese actresses. This dynamic duo will have to join forces and save the world from destruction.

Saving The World From An Age Of Nightmare

The gravitational field itself is in danger, and if these two fail at fixing it, everything will be lost. Jackson plays the role of a Homeland Security investigator, while Travis Fimmel portrays a hood-friendly con man from the States. Liu, in turn, portrays a genius-level young Chinese scientist (physicist, to be exact) who puts her heart and mind into finding a solution while racing against the clock.

Inversion poster

Peter Segal is the officially confirmed director of the movie, and you can rest assured that he’ll deliver a blood-rushing experience at the theaters. This man knows how to “talk” to the audience from the other side of the screen, and with a cast like this one and an engrossing story, it’s a no-brainer. The Inversion DVD release date is early winter 2019. Yes, that’s like more than 2 years away from now, but it will still be a great addition to your collection of the best science fiction films.

The Chinese Are Taking Over

Fei, the brilliant student, knew that the world was about to end: she talked about the reversal of our planet’s gravity, but nobody believed her. However, when it all comes true, the American government calls her the prime suspect in this actor of terror. In order to escape the agents and save the day, she teams up with Lucky, a capable man.

Together they embark on a perilous journey towards getting their hands on a technology that can prevent the Earth from turning into a disaster. This concept gives us hope that the movie will be packed with awesome CGI effects and several memorable action scenes. Facing East – a Chinese company – is taking care of production. Rumors claim Inversion will have a budget of 130-150 million, which is more than enough to create a mind-blowing blockbuster. The Inversion official release date in 2018 is just around the corner, so, let’s cross our fingers.

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