Fifty Shades Freed official release date


After the huge success of the first two movies in the trilogy, E. L. James, the author of the “Grey” franchise, gave the third chapter the green light. Part romance, part erotica, part thrilling drama, this is the final installment in the epic story. When is Fifty Shades Freed movie release date 2018? It’s coming to the USA and the United Kingdom on February 9, 2018. Same goes for Brazil and Turkey.

Countries like Russia and Australia will get to check it out a day earlier. Both Johnson and Dornan will return to their respective roles of Ana and Chris for one last time. Other key characters from the first two installments will also be featured in the third chapter, including Elena, Jack, and Grey’s big, loving family.

Finding Their Way Back To Each Other

Back in 2015, Universal, the production company, announced that the second and the third movies would be shot using the famous back-to-back technique. That means that Fifty Shades Freed is already done. In the original movie, Anastasia was introduced to the turbulent billionaire’s dark side, and the exposure left her burned and devastated. They went down different roads.

Fifty Shades Freed poster

However, the mutual attraction was too much to deny, and Ana returned to the man she fell in love with in the second film. She learned to trust him and even found pleasure in his perverted BDSM games. Together, they overcame numerous obstacles and faced the struggles holding hands. The Fifty Shades Freed DVD release date, by the way, is early summer 2018. If you love to watch erotic romance while cozied up at home, mark that date on your calendar.

Ana And Christian – Against All Odds

So, what’s going to happen in chapter three? Well, the young couple is finally ready to tie the knot. That’s right – they’re getting married! But just when it seems like everything’s going exactly the way they both hoped, trouble catches up to them. They both have people from the past that are coming back into their lives to ruin the perfect union they’re trying to build. Jack, Ana’s former boss, is obsessed with her and is ready to do whatever it takes to capture her attention.

Elena, the woman that is partially responsible for Christian’s sexual preferences, is also hungry for his blood. So, what’s it gonna be? Are Ana and Chris going to bow down to the harsh reality of life, or will they defy all odds and build a prosperous, happy family together? Again, this is the final chapter in the best-selling trilogy; expect plot twists, action-packed scenes, and more drama and erotica than ever before. The Fifty Shades Freed official release date in 2018 is less than six months away. It’s time to count the days until the premiere!

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